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Are you a creative art therapists? A health care professional interested in learning more about creative art therapy? This podcast aims at discussing different topics and techiniques in the creative arts therapies.

Episode 8: Therapeutic Thematic Arts Programming for Older Adults (Special Guest Dr. Linda Levine Madori)

Art Therapist Melissa Solorzano speaks with Dr. Linda Levine Madori. With a quarter-century of experience in the field of gerontology, Dr. Levine Madori has explored the relationship of arts and aging. The Certified Recreation Therapist is the author of a new, breakthrough book, Therapeutic Thematic Arts Programming for Older Adults.She has helped, those suffering from dementia and Alzheimerís, having designed innovative creative arts programs and worked with the elderly, skilled nurses, caregivers, and residents of assisted living and senior housing.

A Fulbright Scholar (2005-2010), Dr. Levine Madori also earned Distinguished Service Award in 2007 from The New York State Therapeutic Recreation Association, Leadership ATRA in 2006 from the American Therapeutic Recreation Association, and is a Hero Award recipient (2006) from the American Therapeutic Recreation Association.

She has given scores of lectures across the United States, including major universities, leading hospitals, and associations connected to art therapy, Alzheimerís, therapeutic recreation, and aging. Since 1991 she has presented more than 150 papers on the arts and aging and has lectured extensively internationally, including: Russia, China, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Lithuania and Czech Republic.

Dr. Levine Madori, a psychotherapist, has chaired the Leisure Track of the American Society on Aging, developed professional intensives for the American Art Therapy Association, and developed and implemented educational workshops and professional panel presentations for educators and psychologists as an Ambassador Leader for the People to People International educational program.

Dr. Levine Madoriís experience includes three years as a consultant art therapist at a childrenís hospital; seven years as the creative arts program supervisor of a nursing home; two years as chief of therapeutic recreation of a medical center; and two years as a researcher and consulting therapist. For the past 12 years has worked up from an assistant professor to a tenured professor at St. Thomas Aquinas College. She also served for a decade as an adjunct professor at CUNYís department of gerontology and humanities.

Dr. Levine Madori earned her Ph.D. in Health Studies from NY U, her post Masterís in Creative Art Therapy at Pratt University, and her Masterís in Therapeutic Recreation Science from Lehman College. The board-certified art therapist is an avid painter.

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